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public welfare

Using virtual reality technology, DPVR has brought VR videos of Beijing to the children in Tibet, providing them an opportunity to have a direct look at Beijing for the first time.

cloud vr

DPVR has teamed up with the China Mobile Research Institute and Huawei in launching the world’s first "5G Edge Cloud Powered" AIO VR HMD.
Through cloud computing and graphics rendering, data can be transmitted to the terminal standalone set via mesh network architecture and the edge network processor, enabling the terminal standalone set to process high-quality VR content with a very low-level configuration.


DPVR has supported the Palace Museum to build it into a VR museum.
By applying VR technology, the history, culture and specific scenes can be restaged to deepen tourists’ understanding of the Palace.


DPVR has supported fitness clubs by establishing VR fitness programs.
DPVR’s specialized immersive system attracts more fitness enthusiasts and enriches their fitness experiences.


DPVR has developed VR education by launching a one-stop VR education solution.
The teaching system provides students with a vivid study environment, thus stimulating their interest and curiosity.

Medical Treatment

DPVR has helped contribute to VR medical science and launched its first clinical medical education product. This product is able to clearly introduce and explain the most complicated structures of the human anatomy in a visual and three-dimensional manner, helping medical students and clinicians better understand their learning materials.


DPVR has provided clients with VR solutions in the fields of decoration, tooling design, construction materials, model houses etc.. In addition, this technology can help reduce costs and increase order achievements.